The benefits of working from home (or online) are endless. From having greater control over your plan to saving time and money (on your office wardrobe and other miscellaneous costs) working from home via the Internet sounds like the perfect dream. However, there is one issue. It is finding a reliable online job amidst the numerous online work scams. For every legitimate online job, there are approximately 70 job scams. This stat can make you give up your search for a job even before you start. However, take heart as there are legitimate ways to find real online jobs and avoid scam jobs. See how below:


Know the signs of scam online job postings


While scammers have evolved in their tactics over the years, there are still a few hard-and-fast signs to determine a scam job. Here are some of these signs:


– Recruiter asks for financial information (including your Social Security number, bank account details, home address and telephone number, and date of birth) early in the interview process.


– Job pays a lump sum of money for just little work. If it sounds too good, it almost always isn’t true.


– Job posting has obvious grammatical errors or typos.


– Contact email is personal ( or mimics a real company email addresses. (


Question the communication.


Job interviewing has evolved over the years as technology changes. Nowadays, job applications are hardly printed on fancy paper and mailed. Almost everything is carried out online, from applications to interviews (via video conferencing for remote positions). There are still some red flags regarding the use of technology for recruitment including email or instant messaging. A hiring manager who is legit won’t conduct an interview by means of instant messaging or email. You may be contacted by email at the initial stage, but after that, you will still have a video and/or phone interview.


Trust your gut.


The best way to avoid an online job scam is to trust your instincts. This can be difficult when you have lost your job for a while and need a new one. But consider the job and the way you were approached about it. If something feels off, or you don’t feel comfortable for any reason (the job recruiter seems demanding or pushy, or you don’t understand the job requirements), don’t think twice before walking away. There is a solid chance that your instincts are right. There are many real online jobs to choose from. Don’t forget that. Don’t be intimidated or feel pressured into signing up for something you are not comfortable with.


Bottom Line


It is highly unlikely that the world can get rid of online scammers, but there are different ways to protect yourself. Using reputable job search platforms and knowing what to search for can help you find a legitimate online job.