Trying to balance the time spent at work with the time spent for personal activities has been an issue for a while now. Because it is pretty difficult separating your personal life from work life. The introduction of mobile devices and social media has aggravated the inability to separate work life from personal life. Most people have made it a usual practice to make business calls even in the bedroom.


Some keep checking their mails for business messages, as well as checking their different business accounts on social media like Facebook and Twitter. All these practices reduce the time they spend with their family. Studies have shown that the more time spent working at the detriment of bedtime will result in a lesser output at work.


Most employees have tried solving this puzzle. They keep deliberating on whether or not to spend more time at work. It is a general belief that spending more time working will yield a higher income. However, the popular saying, all work, and no play make Jack a dull boy counters this belief. The level of productivity of employees has reduced due to employee stress due to working day-in-day-out without time for rest and tend to their personal lives. This, in turn, has an effect on the health of the employee.


Some employees who are professionals have become enslaved to their jobs. This doesn’t necessarily mean staying in the office working. It also entails receiving business calls and checking mails almost all the time. Mobile devices have made it a lot easier. Holiday seasons cannot be used as an excuse to stop business activities as technology has made business transactions secure and even faster. Stress causes chronic illness, and this will result to being bedridden. Of course, this can be prevented by balancing your work life with your personal life. So how can you achieve this?


Work Styles and Balance in Office Culture


Making available a healthy environment suitable for employees should be one of the responsibilities of companies. This will help achieve the business goals as the spirit to work efficiently is instilled in the employees. Workers with excellent skills will find it suitable working in such environment. The rate and speed at which workers perform their task can differ. While some produce more output in a quiet work space, others prefer to work in an open station. It is recommended that companies provide the personnel with suitable environment according to their requirements.


Balancing your work life with your personal life is not that easy. However, this will be of great benefit as your level of output is increased, also resulting in good health. To achieve their business goals, companies should endeavor to provide their employees with a healthy working environment. Employees should also learn to draw the line between work and life. The more time you spend working, the lesser your productivity. You become predisposed to illnesses. Striking the right balance would improve your overall output and improve your health. This also applies to small business owners.