Being an entrepreneur with a start-up requires funding. Investors who fund start-up businesses are usually known as Seed investors, Angel investors, Private Investor or Business Angel. These investors look out for certain qualities in any start-up business they are to invest their money.


Here are the qualities investors look out for in start-up businesses.


             A confident and experienced team


Investors want to know your business team or partners, and they want to see that the team is completely committed to achieving goals together.


             Mission and Vision


Investors want to know the goals of your business; they want to see that the mission of the business is to solve a real problem and the vision is the continuity of the mission.


             Feasible Business Model


Investors want to see how your team plans to achieve the set goals. Your business model should show the organization of partners, start-up financial records, bargain and market strategy also a projection of the business plan for at least five years ahead.


             Target market


This quality is seriously looked out for by investors; they want to know that you have identified a particular problem with a large group of people, and your business provides the right solution.


             Unique Packaging


Investors want to see that your business products have creative packaging; the team needs to generate ideas to package their products so that it carries the identity of the company and still stands unique. Packaging does not only apply to businesses that have tangible products. Companies that render services require unique packaging (add an innovative act to your services).


             Low Risks


Investors want low-risk investments that will give them huge returns. A good entrepreneur needs to convince them that they have a safe deal in front of them that will give them relative returns easily. This can be explained in the sales and business projections.


             Relative interests


Investors can decide to invest in a good business if there happens to be a string of relativity such as; the entrepreneur studied in the same institute and same discipline as the investor, or they both grew up in the same environment or share similar life experiences. As a start-up entrepreneur, you need to do some research about the investors you plan to meet with. Prepare your business plan before you ask about getting a face-to-face meeting with them. An investor who has similar interest or expertise in your industry will be more likely to become your business angel.


             Low Competition


Investors will be interested in a business that has less number of competitors. This does not rule off the fact that low competition has its advantages and disadvantages; you could dominate the market, it may also be tough for you to sell an idea that requires needs to be explained to the large target market.


Always remember that Investors differ, so approach different investors with the right attitude.